Experience of a Bachelorette Party

Just trying to imagine with all my heart and mind that rolling the heavy suitcases through the international airport. Definitely, a dream for many twenties and thirties to fulfil and experience this type of fabulous party at least once a lifetime.

I personally experienced being part of a bachelorette party which was organised by my closest friend. As happy and excited I was because it was my very first time to be witnessing a real bachelorette party. All we have seen earlier is in movies and on television. By experiencing reality is gonna be so much fun.

As it was my closest friend’s bachelorette party I was grateful for helping her for the party and for every little thing. So I suggested to her that organising this party is a good way so Bachelorette HQ was the best option for managing everything. They managed the entire bachelorette party.

Personal Experience

It was Thursday night when we women with our bags flew to the destination, it was Pattaya, Bangkok. We women are joyously reunited and excitedly scurrying to hail a car service to our beautiful guest hotels. We finally reached our hotel and in our respective rooms allotted to us. And the bachelorette party for four nights and five days begins now. Super excited as always. So we went to our rooms, took a sizzling steam shower and after that went for the spa because we all were tired of the heckling long journey in the flight. After the spa session, we all women get manicures and pedicures done as well. Some even had hair cuts, hairdo and what not.

I personally did my nail extension because I have small nails. My nail extensions were so beautiful and amazing. As it was my first time expressing such beautiful fake nails on my hands. After our long spa and grooming sessions, we all ladies went to our room and got dressed. Like everyone except the bride will be wearing the same outfit and the bride will be wearing something unique.


It is to feel that the bride is the center of attraction and to feel her and make her special. We all got dressed up and came down where there was a bonfire and the decoration was up to the mark. We saw each other dressed in the same clothes and then the bride to be entered, all shimmery attire with a beautiful tiara to make her look extra and beautiful as she was looking in it no doubt.

We all then danced and were vibing with the songs. After that, we had some kind of starters. The food was again maintained in such a dignified manner like some were eating non-vegetarian food and some were eating only vegetarian goods, so all kinds of food with good amounts were available. We played games such as cards in front of the bonfire. We then clicked pictures and mandatory videos and boomerang. We had a chit chat and some emotional yet precious moments together.  After having so much of gala time we then had our watering dinners followed by delicious and sweet dessert.

The Next Day

After the bonfire party. We then got back to our rooms. Then we went to sleep directly. The next morning we had our breakfast and then without getting late we fresh up, took shower and got ready to explore and enjoy the city. Again we got a beautiful yet twinning dress from Bachelorette HQ. They also provided a travel guide so we had a huge bus so that everyone can fit in one and roam easily. The travel guide was so sweet and a great gentleman. He showed such amazing places and sights. We clicked so many pictures.

We even had street shopping, because the local market was so in trend there. After spending the entire day roaming the city, we then head back to the hotel. Got ready for another party. We enjoyed it again with so many games, drama, entertainment. After having dinner the party was over. As it was for a little short duration. We all girls then had a movie night. We watched a movie, had popcorn and drinks. It was such a romantic movie.  After the movie we all girls slept in one room so we all got in our own pyjamas and we danced all night.

The next morning we went on the beach and it was so refreshing over there. We also had our drinks and we enjoyed it a lot.

The next day it was the last day of the bachelorette party as we were going back. As it was very emotional but the beautiful journey will always be in our hearts.

The organizing group the bachelorette Hq was so maxing they did it the best.

I would prefer everyone who wants to organise a perfect bachelorette party should contact the bachelorette hq.

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